Medical Support Needs for Pediatric Oncology in Sudan
Pediatric oncology care requires a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to address the medical, emotional, and social needs of young patients and their families. Sudan Children’s Cancer Organization provides the following support for pediatric oncology in Sudan.

Diagnostic and Screening Services

Early Detection and Diagnosis:

  • Imaging and radiology:Access to advanced imaging technologies such as MRI, CT scans, and ultrasound to accurately diagnose cancer.
  • Laboratory Investigation:This includes blood tests, biopsies, and other diagnostic tests to identify cancer types and stages.

Treatment Services

  • Chemotherapy Drugs:A steady supply of essential chemotherapy drugs and trained personnel to administer them safely.
  • Radiotherapy Treatment:Access to this treatment modality to provide targeted cancer treatment.
  • Surgical Procedures:Resection of tumors and other necessary surgical interventions.
  • Supportive Therapies:

    • Pain Management:Access to pain relief medications and techniques to manage cancer-related pain.
    • Nutritional Support:Dieticians and nutritionists to provide tailored nutritional plans that support recovery and enhance treatment outcomes.
    • Rehabilitation Services: to help children regain strength and mobility post-treatment.

Cancer Supportive Medication

  • Antibiotics and Antifungals:To manage infections, which are common in immunocompromised cancer patients.
  • Blood Products:Availability of blood and blood products for transfusions.

Consumables and Supplies:

  • Sterile Gloves, Syringes, and IV Sets:Basic medical supplies needed for daily care.
  • Blood Products:Availability of blood and blood products for transfusions.

Psychological Support& Housing

Mental Health Services:

  • Psychological support to children and their families, helping them cope with the emotional impact of cancer.
  • Rest Housing: To accommodate children from different part of the country

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