Visiting Children’s Hospital Stanford, CA

As part of its planning efforts, SCCO conducts research on the best models of Children’s Cancer Centers around the world. This hospital in California, USA has a special unit for Children with Cancer.

The organization also makes regular visits to Medical Institutions in Sudan, to learn about their current needs. SCCO supports families with children affected with cancer in the country.

Empowering Hope for Children with Cancer in Sudan

Why Partner with Us?

Partner with Sudan Children’s Cancer Organization – a dedicated community committed to improving the lives of children with cancer in Sudan. Together, we can amplify our impact and provide vital resources and support to those in need. Here’s how your partnership can make a difference:

• Expand Access to Care: Your support can help us reach more children in a war zone, ensuring they receive timely and effective medical treatments.
• Enhance Medical Facilities: With your help, we can equip hospitals and clinics with advanced medical equipment and supplies.
• Provide Holistic Care: Your partnership allows us to offer comprehensive care, including psychological support, educational programs, and family assistance.

Ways to Partner

Corporate Sponsership

Become a corporate sponsor and demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility. Sponsorship opportunities include:
• Event Sponsorship: Sponsor our fundraising events, awareness campaigns, or charity runs. Gain visibility and showcase your brand while supporting a noble cause.
• Program Sponsorship: Fund specific programs such as medical treatment initiatives, research projects, or patient support services.

In-Kind Donations

Contribute goods or services that can directly benefit our programs. Examples include

  • Donate essential medical supplies, diagnostic tools, or advanced treatment equipment.
  • Provide books, computers, and educational resources to support our educational programs for children and their families.

Collaborative Projects

Research Partnerships: Collaborate on research studies aimed at finding innovative treatments and improving patient outcomes.
Community Outreach: Join forces in community outreach programs to raise awareness and educate the public about pediatric cancer.
Employee Engagement: Engage your employees through volunteer opportunities, corporate social responsibility programs, and team-building activities


Volunter with us or let us know how you can help children with cancer in Sudan