Building the Center

Sudan is one of the largest and most diverse countries in Africa, with 42% of the population being under the age of 15. Little is known about cancer epidemiology, ethnic or environmental risks in childhood cancer in Sudan. There is severe lack of facilities, expertise, and laboratory resources for diagnosing, treating, and managing such patients. 

The upcoming center with a capacity of 300 beds will provide free, world-class care to children from across the region of Sudan who are afflicted with cancer and rare blood disorders. The Center will also accommodate children from the African Horn. 

In time, it is intended to become a center of excellence for the teaching and training of medical professionals and conducting relevant medical research.

Scope of the Project

The scope of this project includes the following:

Construction of a standalone medical facility called the Sudan Children’s Cancer Center. Designing and planning is already underway .

Identifying local needs and developing treatment protocols adapted to the local context.

Assembling a multidisciplinary team composed of highly skilled and qualified  professionals and attracting, retaining and developing top Sudanese talent.

Provisioning the necessary resources (medical and non-medical equipment, drugs, etc.)  required for screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in sufficient quantities and  to a level of quality that meets international standards.

Conducting research on pediatric cancers to help improve existing treatment protocols  and therapies and build and maintain a database on cancer in Sudan.

Establishing and maintaining sustainable sources of funding to finance the operational  costs of the Center.


In-patient ward for newly diagnosed patients and sick children with complex  conditions or complications resulting from treatment.

Out-patient center with short-stay admission for chemotherapy, imaging procedures,  blood transfusions, administration of antibiotics and other supportive care.

Operating theaters for surgical procedures such as tumor resections, stem cell transplants,  central line implantations, etc. 

Radiology facilities for imaging procedures, internal and external radiotherapy and the  preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals.

Laboratory facilities for diagnostic testing as well as specialized units for collecting blood  donations, stem cells, etc.

In-house pharmacy to stock and issue required medications.

Core Services

Screening – Tests and scans for detecting cancer prior to onset of symptoms.

Diagnosis – Biopsy, nuclear medicine imaging, etc.

Treatment Planning – Methods & systems for determining treatment options, dosages, etc.

Treatment – Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical interventions, etc.

Quality of Life and Palliative Care – Emotional support and resources for patients and  their families to maintain quality of life, reduce severity of symptoms, manage pain, etc.

Frequently asked questions

The Center will be a national hospital for children with cancer from all regions of Sudan. Treatment will be free of charge for patients who are unable to pay costs of diagnostic tests and hospital bills. For families with the ability to pay, a sliding scale will be applied.  Our purpose is the establishment of an integrated system to localize treatment.

There is no accurate data about the number of children diagnosed with cancer and hematological diseases in Sudan, the hospital is planned to accommodate up to 300 beds.


The Center will accept new patients from birth to age 18 as well as those suffering from pediatric cancer diagnosis through early adulthood.

The Center will be accompanied by Rest Houses to host patients and their care givers during treatment.

The center will treat children with cancer from all regions of Sudan, the Horn of Africa and other neighboring countries