AFIA Campaign

The organization is working very diligently for its long-term goals; however there are short term goals that the organization will be working on to pave the path for laying some of the foundation needed ahead.

One of the organization’s short-term goals is the current program, #AFIA  which requires urgent funding.

As we speak, children are in dire need of but not limited to specialized laboratory tests, X rays, scans, surgical procedures, basic medication, and other needs to start their journey towards the treatment. The child’s journey through their illness can be from 6 months to 3 years and is challenging for the child and the parents.

#AFIA strives to offer the best start for care for the child and assist the parents to provide the support the child needs during this time and take the burden of the day-to-day necessities that can impact the road to improvement.

Our team of the medical office in Sudan will ensure that the child and family have the head start described above for the family

#AFIA  offers care for the child affected with cancer, and assist the parents to provide the support needed during these hard times.

Families and their daily struggle...

Rawan Story: from Al-Rahad to Khartoum

In this video, SCCO visits Rawan and her family who came to Ibn Ouf Hospital from Al-Rahad, North Kordofan. Two-year-old Rawan and her mother are in this Khartoum hospital looking for diagnosis and medical support.

More Blood Tests for "Tanzeil"

Tanzeil, who has severe problems with her blood count, was first diagnosed with a “Mediterranean Fever.” Her family are now visiting hospitals in Khartoum to get more blood tests and find out what is wrong. Dr. Nidal Speaks to the family.

Diaa El-Din & His Mother...

Dhiaa-El-Din’s mother is a widower, taking care of her children, all alone. Her Son Dhiaa-El-Din is in hospital now and is receiving chemotherapy as part of his treatment plan. Dr. Nidal Mahgoub is discussing how #AFIA Campaign can help.