Cancer Center - Sudan

A Center of Excellence for the Comprehensive Treatment of Childhood Cancer & Blood Disorders

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Visiting Children's Hospital Stanford, CA

As part of its planning efforts, SCCO conducts research on the best models of Children’s Cancer Centers around the world. This hospital in California, USA has a special unit for Children with Cancer.

The organization also makes regular visits to Medical Institutions in Sudan, to learn about their current needs. SCCO supports families with children affected with cancer in the country.

Please take part and join our drive in the launching efforts of the Children's Cancer Center - Sudan, the country's, and the region's, first standalone medical facility serving children afflicted with cancer and rare blood disorders. Become a Member of SCCO, a Volunteer or simply Donate through our secure portal.
"The dedicated support of the Sudanese diaspora and global citizens around the world, has helped CCC-Sudan become one of the most ambitious hospital projects for the treatment and care of children with cancer, in the Horn of Africa. We invite you to take part in our efforts by becoming a member, volunteering, or donating, and advocating."
Nidal Mahgoub, MD
President of SCCO